Thursday, December 17, 2009

Long Time, No See

Not really sure if anyone is still checking this thing that used to be a blog. But here goes nothing.

Here's the story with the lack of updates - We were never using our Internet at home, so we disconnected it. I, however, have since started a new job and actually have more things to do during the day than sit around blogging all day. I know. Real jobs. They're overrated.

It's been around 2 months, so here we go...

I started a job staffing for Kelly Services in September. It's great - a lot closer to home and has benefits, unlike the last job I had with the ad agency, where I was on contract. I'm sure I don't have to tell you, though, how bad the economy is right now. Lots of people looking for jobs, not too many jobs. But the people looking - that's what keeps me busy. I have also discovered a new love for Husker football this year, so that kept us busy through the fall... at least on Saturdays.

Joel is still FedEx-ing away. Still traveling, though not as much as he was in the beginning. We are enjoying actually having him at home every once in a while.

Jericho... oh sweet baby Jericho. Well, little Hurricane Jericho will be 3 already next month. I can't believe it. He's turning into such a little man. He has such a big personality... and can throw such big fits. (We're working on it.) He has been potty training, and almost has it licked - during the day, at least. It's partially my fault that it's taken this long - his mommy was in no hurry to not have a baby anymore. I actually don't mind the diapers. I knew that once he could use the big potty, he would be a big boy and I'd have no more babies. Oh, well. I suppose he should probably be potty trained before he starts school...

Jocelyn is turning 7 this weekend. This one is hitting me hard. Seven seems like such a big number. I feel like she was Jericho's age yesterday. She's having her first slumber party tomorrow. Pray for us. She is still loving school and involved in Girl Scouts. This year she has also started taking gymnastics. I don't think she's a "natural" by any means (still can't seem to lick that cartwheel), but she enjoys it none the less. She has also been taking bible study every weekend and has done pretty good at that. They made her memorize all the books in the New Testament a few weeks back... that seemed like a lot to me. I helped her study and still don't know half of them.

Well, that's about it for the Blecha's. No pictures this time - our digital camera broke a while back. :( I'm at a loss without it. Maybe I should write a letter to Santa this year...

Hope you're all doing well.
Much love and God bless,